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Kids-Tablet: Reviews and Comparison

What is a Kids-Tablet and what should be paid Attention to when Purchased?

Kinder mit Tablet im Park

A Kids-Tablet has an especially robust and strong small screen, in a child-friendly design. “Play to learn” is the basic principle here. Kids-Tablets offer several apps (small programs) that can be opened via clicking onto a small icon on the desktop. Concerning difficulty and design, they are adapted to childrens´ needs.

These apps start with easy games, like a painting program and continue to become more difficult, depending on the child´s age. Pupils might be more interested in games that expect you to interact a little more and teach them in an entertaining way.

Internet connection or download functions are turned off by default, so parents can leave their young ones to play by themselves without having to worry.

Safety, Fun and Learning Opportunities given by a kids-tablet

Us parents can not really imagine a life without the bigger and smaller screens. Almost every houshold contains several smartphones, televisions, computers or notebooks and more often lately: A tablet.

Adults in general tend to use tablets for organisation, presentation or navigation. Children on the other hand quickly pick up on discovering the countless opportunities that a tablet offers.

Even our youngest browse through the photo roll, paint colorful pictures and navigate small cars through parcours on the screen already. However, regular tablets offer opportunities as well as threats, that we don’t want our children to be fully exposed to them.

What should you know about the use of Kids-Tablets?

Set a time limit!

The most important rule about the use: Children need to have a set time limit. Set one from the beginning, so they get used to it. The problem about almost every electronical device is, that you get addicted to it quite easily. This can be recognized when your children react in an aggressive way when the device is taken away. Therefore everyone should be clear about the time of using or, if possible, there should be a fixed time set in the tablets’ settings. Kids-tablets are a useful device to be spending time on at home. However, children should not stay inside all day and rather be spending time outside of the house.

Security Settings

A lot of these tablets offer security options to keep your child safe with a tablet. For example you can stop the permission to download new files. Further you can block any R-Rated websites. It´s even easier if you set a list of allowed sites that can be visited in the settings.

Ideally, parents are around during the time when their children use the tablet. When you choose a tablet it is important to think about the features that are important for your own child. The price can vary extremely depending on the usage of the Kids-Tablet.

Things to think about before purchasing a Kids-Tablet

Kid playing with a Tablet
  • Robust frame for children
    Unfortunately, children are not always careful with their toys and happen to be a little clumsy. One or another drop might happen to the tablet. A high quality kids-tablet should be resistant to that. A soft frame and unbreakable glass guarantees long-lasting tablet fun.
  • Age recommendation für a kids-tablet
    Not every tablet is recommended for every age group. In general: The usage of a kids-tablet is not recommended before the child has turned 3 years old! The brain is simply not able to understand the quick change of pictures at that age. Also their moves would not be coordinated enough to use a touchscreen. Three-year-olds like to look through pictures or play easiest games. Most of the tablets are made for older children anyway, since their options are way to complex to be understood by this age and overstrain the kids’ knowledge by far. You want your child to improve and not to be frustrated!
  • Use and expandability
    Especially the cheapest tablets have very little options. The available apps are very limited and only meant for children of a certain age. The older they get, the less interesting the tablet is to them. If you want the tablet to be used for a longer period of time, you might choose one that has a connection to the internet to download new levels or apps. Some manufacturer, like the spanish producer “Imaginarium”, values the whole family experience. These tablets can be used by every family member and include a multi-user function for every age. Even parents might want to use the kids-tablet then. Some tablets even allow you to check Emails or use the internet in general.

The Purchase-Decision of a Kids-Tablet

  • Safety
    Limited acess to the internet, carefully picked apps, the security settings vary from tablet to tablet.
  • Learning
    Simple games or supportive teaching programs for our kindergarten children and pupils? A lot of tablets improve knowledge and teach our youngest.
  • Fun
    Amusing camera filters, paint programs and various entertaining games engage children to the screens of their tablets.