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Nabi Jr. Tablets for Kids

Nabi jr. Kids Tablets are not only an electronic toy for kids, but rather a multi-functional tool for childhood education. This interactive learning device is aimed at children within the age range of three years and up. Including various games and levels of difficulty, the Nabi jr. Tablets are able to accompany kids’ learning progress over years.

3 Reasons why you should buy a Nabi jr. Tablet

  • Price: Obviously, this will not be the last “toy” that you buy for your child. Maybe not even the last tablet. Therefore, the highly affordable price of Nabi jr. Tablets is a big plus. Starting at $39,90, you can get a fully-functional, certified refurbished Kids Tablet.
  • Included features: Wings First Steps, 30 pre-installed Apps and more. You are not required to spend money after purchasing the tablet and your kid can start playing and learning instantly.
  • Variety: Unlike other Brands, Nabi offers a broad range of different kids tablets. Differing in screen-size, functionality and price, you can choose the perfect tablet for your child.