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Nabi Jr. Tablets for Kids

Nabi jr. Kids Tablets are not only an electronic toy for kids, but rather a multi-functional tool for childhood education. This interactive learning device is aimed at children within the age range of three years and up. Including various games and levels of difficulty, the Nabi jr. Tablets are able to accompany kids’ learning progress over years.

3 Reasons why you should buy a Nabi jr. Tablet

  • Price: Obviously, this will not be the last “toy” that you buy for your child. Maybe not even the last tablet. Therefore, the highly affordable price of Nabi jr. Tablets is a big plus. Starting at $39,90, you can get a fully-functional, certified refurbished Kids Tablet.
  • Included features: Wings First Steps, 30 pre-installed Apps and more. You are not required to spend money after purchasing the tablet and your kid can start playing and learning instantly.
  • Variety: Unlike other Brands, Nabi offers a broad range of different kids tablets. Differing in screen-size, functionality and price, you can choose the perfect tablet for your child.

Certainly, the great content and features make Nabi Jr. tablets so popular among parents and kids. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer:

Features and Functionality

Wings Learning System is the core of Nabi jr.’s philosophy: Children learn and are educated by playing. The adaptive learning system grades your child’s activities, shows their progress and gives recommendations on how to improve.

Of course, the kids tablet is not only limited to educational apps. Multiple games, videos and even e-books are designed for entertainment and let kids be kids. Also, movies and TV shows are accessible with Nabi children’s tablets.

The Age Range of kids tablets

Nabi tablets are recommended for kids from the age three and up. This is not only based on the content of the educational gadget: If your child has not turned three yet, it is quite likely that the young brain is not able to cope with the rapid changes of a display. Also, they might not be coordinated enough to use a touchscreen.

Starting at the age of three, kids can use the tablet to look through pictures, solve suitable puzzles and start with small games. As the child grows older, the difficulty and intensity of the games and apps evolves accordingly. Therefore, Nabi jr. kids tablets are certainly suitable for the age range three to six years.

Tablet: Kids edition – the technical side

When it comes to buying a kids tablet, you prefer not to browse through technical information and heaps of words you don’t really understand. Therefore, we can recommend any Nabi jr. tablet that has at least 4GB of storage, which they usually all have. The next higher amount of storage is 8GB. According to reviews and visitors, the nabi Jr. 5 inch Kids tablet 8GB is a popular choice and hardly disappoints.

With most electronic devices you will read information like 5” tablet, 6” or 8” tablet. This defines the size of the actual tablet display. You can decide to get a smaller screen if your child belongs to the younger part of the age range, however there is no recommendation for what screen size to get. It’s rather a personal preference, whether you purchase a tablet with a 5 inch or an 8 inch screen.

Navi jr. kids tablet – Safe and Easy

You certainly don’t want to spend hours setting up your newly purchased tablet for your kid. Luckily, the Nabi gadgets do not require endless set-up time or an annoying installation process. Pre-Installed apps are set and ready to use after unboxing the tablet. Also, you have absolute guarantee that your child is in safe hands while playing and learning. Your kid can only access apps and content that you approve. Further, you can set time-limits for the usage-time. No more being the bad guy when playing time is over.